About The Band

AudioDrive is a powerful Rock Act that brings one of the best shows in the region! They shine with excellent vocals, killer guitars and a thunderous rhythm section that knows no bounds! The song selection is clearly pre-meditated to satisfy the masses. AudioDrive delivers only the choice cuts from the 70's & 80's through today! Their sets are loaded with "Melodic Harmonies & Screamin’ Guitars"... Once you have experienced an AudioDrive show you surely appreciate their hard work, attention to detail and relentless drive for perfection! The band invites the audience to become part of every show... from dancing on the stage to singing with the band every night is filled with energy and excitement! “Our fans are loyal and they continue to grow and support every event”! You owe it to yourself to experience a Live AudioDrive Show and enjoy all that great music of our youth recreated just how it was meant to be!! Bottom line... AudioDrive Rocks!



Paul Edler

Sound Tech and Head Grump
AKA: Knobstar, Sturdy Man, GFY

Paul brings the ultimate ear to paint the audio canvas at most Audiodrive shows. He's masterful, entertaining, and usually in a pretty chipper mood if he's met his bitch quota for the day! He's not here to make friends and YES he knows what every knob does! Paul and Jay started out together doing John Denver Mix tapes in Pauls basement long ago... maybe that's where all the attitude began? 

Paul helps out at a local community center providing "Scared Straight" seminars several times a year. He's never really been to prison but he did some theater work in college and this helps him be creative and release some energy... and he really enjoys scaring the crap out of children! In his spare time h
e enjoys a house full of Boxers and buys alot of peanut butter! Again... we don't judge!

Troy Oakley

Stage Boss/Head Tech/Monitor Engineer/Lighting Engineer
AKA: T-Roy, Biatch

This guys brings total dedication to the cause. He's there for almost every show and he's our stage maestro! He handles everything from FOH, Monitors, Instruments, Lighting he does it all! Troy makes sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed, the batteries are loaded, the towels are present and the set lists are in place. We couldn't do what we do without him... well we could but he makes us look much more professional than we really are so we think we'll keep him! 

Troy enjoys wearing a "Will work for $$"  sign at stoplights and store entrances. He likes the attention and finds it uplifting when someone shares a couple bucks. It also helps support his Star Trek figurine collection. 

Ryan Tomkus

Drum Tech/Stage Hand/Monitor Engineer/Lighting Engineer
AKA: Sheboygan, Rhino  

Ryan is a silent force that keeps every show running smoothly. He does everything and makes it look easy. He's very dedicated to constructing a professional show night after night. He knows what to do and when to do it and keeps a watchful eye to race to all of those stage mishaps during the show.

This usually consists of re-positioning drum mics they keep getting knocked off during the show. We think maybe he purposley leaves them loose so he can enter the stage quickly, save the show all the while hoping there are touring stage managers in the crowd scouting for young new talent!

Luke Johnson
Guitar Tech/Stage Hand
AKA: Cool Hand Luke, Lukey

Another dedicated AD soldier that really helped the band in 2010 & 2011. After many many AD shows Luke decided to go off to college and learn all this stuff from someone that really knows what their doing. Headed to Nashville to hang with the Big Dogs! Luke is a great guy with a very bright future ahead of him. He's an awesome stage tech with a a passion for perfection. He got his stripes with Audiodrive now he's looking for some medals in the industry... Best of Luck Luke!

We are all so proud of him leaving his Blanky and all those stuffed animals behind(except for Poo-Bear)! Good Job Lukey!

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