Hey fans- It's time to share some news here. There seems to be a lot of shake up...

Hey fans- It's time to share some news here. There seems to be a lot of shake ups this year in many area bands and Audiodrive is no exception. It's official... we have started to search for a new lead singer for the band. The reason being is that Dan has booked a few shows with ARRA from Chicago as well as their Journey Tribute Band "Arrival". ARRA has a new singer that also plays in another Chicago band so that creates shows where they may need Dan to fill in and of course they found the best Journey singer in the Midwest to kick the Arrival project in gear! While he plans to continue most dates on our schedule there may be some he cannot make. Rather than book around all this uncertainty we have decided to begin our search immediately for the next voice for Audiodrive.

We started this band seven years ago, developed a great show and incredible fans... we are not ready to throw in the towel! Obviously Dan has incredible talent and he is extremely difficult to replace. Our hopes are that we might find another great voice and build our show around them. We have placed an ad in several regions and we're networking aggressively to explore who is out there. AD has very high standards for this process so it may take a while to develop. In the meantime we plan to continue our schedule with Dan and adjust as needed.

We felt the need to share this here so you hear it straight from us with no confusion. While this news obviously presents a fork in the road we are all very happy for Dan and wish him complete success with all the possibilities! We hope you will support him too... as well as Audiodrive now and in the future! With all that being said we have a very busy week ahead... our huge Black Wednesday Show at Whiskeys Roadhouse, Black Friday we head North to Lucys Hideaway in Milton, Wi then Saturday we go west to Logans Bar & Grill in Freeport! Come on out and rock with us this holiday weekend!

Cheers and thanks for all your support!


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